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De sidste par måneder er det gået rigtig stærkt. Edith er begyndt at kravle, øver sig i at gå og spiser selv. Hun har dage med stor selvstændighed, og dage, hvor hun klamrer sig til mig. Barslen er snart slut. Edith skal i vuggestue, og jeg skal starte på arbejde om en måneds tid, og Læs mere

Books, What I've been up to

April Wrap-Up

In April I read: 4 books: One e-book (‘The Post-birthday World’), two audio books (The Bell Jar and ‘North and South’), and one physical book (‘Mariana’). Best read: That would be Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. But it was a reread so it doesn’t really count. So the best read will be ‘Mariana’ by Monica Læs mere

Books, What I've been up to

March Wrap-Up

The sunny days have changed my maternity leave drastically. It’s much more pleasant going for long walks with Edith. And she has started taking naps outside in her pram, which is brilliant! She gets fresh air and I get a short break. We’re going to the cinema every Wednesday and take a baby yoga class Læs mere

Books, What I've been up to

February Wrap-Up

Is it just me or is Edith getting more and more adorable by each month? She’s developed from a little piece of screaming meat to the most charming and easy-going baby. She still doesn’t like to sleep during the day, but she often sleeps all night through. We’ve started to take her out a bit. Læs mere

Books, What I've been up to

January Wrap-up

January was the month when things started to fall into place. Throughout December, Edith had suffered from a bit of colic, which was heartbreaking, but at the beginning of January, it suddenly stopped. It’s a relief she’s not in pain anymore and she’s a much happier baby. Around the same time, she started smiling and Læs mere