2014 Reading Challenge

readingAs I have no new year resolutions this year (2013 was brilliant, so why change anything?), I decided to do a thorough reading challenge for 2014, where I’ll challenge myself to a nationality and genre challenge + a little extra as well. I do this because I tend to read what I know I’ll like, and I thought it might be fun to once in a while read something different from what I usually read.

The idea is to read 50 books, where all the categories below are covered with at least one book:

Nationality challenge:
1. Danish
2. Scandinavian (other than Danish)
3. French
4. Russian
5. Japanese

Genre challenge:
1. Play
2. Historical fiction
3. Non-fiction
4. Crime
5. Children’s Book
6. Short story
7. Dystopia
8. Sci-fi
9. Fantasy
10. Gothic/Horror
11. Chick-lit

Extra challenge:
1. Victorian
2. Re-read
3. Classic
4. Published in 2014
5. Give an abandoned book an extra chance (at least 100 pages)

The last one will be a tough one, but who knows, I might end up getting surprised.
I’ve created a page where you can keep up with the challenge – there’s a link in the menu:


6 thoughts on “2014 Reading Challenge

  1. Sikke dog en skøn challenge med plads til så megen variation i læsningen!

    .. Og jeg håber, du kom godt ind i år 2014 i øvrigt 🙂 Og at det kommende år vil bringe dig alt godt. Det er en fornøjelse at følge med herinde.

    1. Tak søde Rikke, det er dejligt at høre 🙂

      Ja, 2014 tegner til at blive et interessant læseår – hvis min challenge altså går som den skal …

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