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Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

I have some big news to share today: I’m pregnant! Mr. Boyfriend and I are expecting a baby girl in November, and we’re super excited – can’t wait to meet her! So far (25 weeks) I’ve been lucky and have had a very easy pregnancy with almost no discomforts. I have no idea how it’ll affect the blog, but there will naturally be some changes as my life is changing.

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Today I’m wearing a super comfortable dress from ASOS Maternity – there’s plenty of room to grow in it, which is good. And it’s one of those dresses that’ll still be pretty to wear after pregnancy, so I think it’s a keeper. The shoes are vintage from Bangkok and the bag is also vintage, but from Twenty here in Copenhagen

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

vintage shoes and vintage bag

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This Time Last Year: Reading and Shoe Shopping

I never seem to blog much in July – don’t ask me why (it’s not as though we’ve had great weather). SO looking back on July last year, was a quick and easy affair, but there were some precious moments worth looking back on. I found a new favorite cafe for reading after work and during the weekends: Underwood Ink on Nørrebro. It’s never crowded and the atmosphere is perfect for bookworms. And they have good wine and food.


I did some amazing bargains at a Lola Ramona sale, where we celebrated their new shop:


The pair with the yellow bow are one of a kind, and you can see me wearing them here.

lola ramona

Some details from a summer outfit (I’ve got a soft spot for white lace and red shoes):

white lace, red shoes

And some more Lola Ramona:

lola ramona

These pictures make me looong for summer 😀

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Funny Girl

You could get away with anything, it seemed, if you were on the telly.

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby book review

Title: Funny Girl
Author: Nick Hornby
First Published: 2015
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.38)
I would recommend this book to: Readers looking for a light read
The Beginning: She didn’t want to become a beauty queen, but as luck would have it, she was about to become one.

England in the 1960s: small town beauty queen, Barbara Parker, rejects her new title in pursuit of her dream. Desperate to escape small town life, she moves to London in pursuit of a career on television. After a few twists and turns, she succeeds, changes her name to Sophie Straw, and gets the lead in a successful BBC comedy.

The rest of the novel (about 70%) is about the success of Sophie/Barbara and the show, with shallow glimpses of the other characters’ lives. The plot seemed a bit thin to me. It was entertaining with some interesting characters, but something was missing. I kept waiting for something to happen to shake things up a bit, but it never did. There was no real conflict, just descriptions of what happened to the cast over the years.

Something about the writing and the plot seemed off. I don’t think the story and the characters were suited for a novel. I believe the book would have been much more suited as a manuscript for a TV series. It could be a light substitute for Mad Men. Just replace New York with London, and a TV show with an advertising agency. There’s no replacement for Don Draper, though, but that’s a cross we all must bear …

Years later, Tony would discover that writers never felt they belonged anywhere. That was one of the reasons they became writers.

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My New Harry Potter Collection

harry potter complete box

I’ve searched for a new Harry Potter collection for quite a while now, not being able to decide. I already have all the books, but they’re in Danish and are a mix of hardbacks and paperbacks. I finally decided on this pretty and pocket friendly paperback collection from Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. I adore the colorful and dreamy covers.

harry potter complete box

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Looks I Liked in June

I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve spent all my free time with audiobooks and various knitting projects, which I’ll tell you about later. But now it’s about time to take a peek at the looks that inspired me in June:

From Rosa:
Fashion inspiration

From Rya Pie:
Fashion inspiration

From Gracefully Vintage:
Fashion inspiration

From Junebugs and Georgia Peaches:
Fashion inspiration

My favorite is Rosa’s white skirt and Gracefully Vintage’s mint dress. Do you have any favorites?

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The Girl on the Train

I miss being a mistress. I enjoyed it. I loved it, in fact. I never felt guilty. I pretended I did. I had to, with my married girlfriends.


Title: The Girl on the Train
Author: Paula Hawkins
First Published: 2015
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.88)
I would recommend this book to: Readers who likes their mysteries with a twist.

The Girl on the Train is about Rachel, a woman whose life has fallen apart. Her husband left her for a new woman a few years back, and is now playing happy family in their house. Rachel has turned to drinking, lost her job and almost all her friends, stalks her ex and his new wife, and spends her days taking the train back and forth, going past her old street. On this street she watches her old neighbor, a husband and wife, and imagines what their lives are like. They become her symbol of true love and the perfect life. Then one day, she sees something shocking from the train window. A few days later it’s all over the papers: the wife has gone missing. What Rachel saw may be important, but who will believe an alcoholic stalker?

I found it very difficult to enjoy this book. The characters were either cruel or downright stupid. I wanted to slap our protagonist over and over again. She was awful! Yes, she had been through something tragic and had been let down horribly by the man that she loved. But her amount of self-pity was out of proportions. Only later do we discover that it might be something deeper, a greater tragedy. But then it’s too late, as we’ve already had hours of constant whining. I found it hard to see what she saw in her ex, a selfish man who made her feel worthless, who wasn’t there for her when she fell apart, and who treated her with cruelty.

You’re like one of those dogs, the unwanted ones that have been mistreated all their lives. You can kick them and kick them, but they’ll still come back to you, cringing and wagging their tails.

I disliked being inside Rachel’s head. I didn’t want to hear her twisted thoughts. Luckily the story was told from several POVs. But that didn’t help as much as I’d thought it would, as all characters – without exceptions – are unsympathetic and twisted. They all had something cruel and selfish about them, making happiness for themselves and others impossible.

Being the other woman is a huge turn-on, there’s no point denying it: you’re the one he can’t help but betray his wife for, even though he loves her. That’s just how irresistible you are.

The story was quite good with many twists and turns as the layers are peeled off the characters. The all have hidden pasts or personalities, all related to the mystery somehow.

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Vintage from London and Bangkok


Last night Mr. Boyfriend and I went out to dinner at Nino e Franco (we had some celebrating to do). Here’s what I wore:

Dress: Vintage from Paper Dress Vintage in London (I’m wearing the same dress here)
Shoes: Second hand Micael Kors from (un) Fashion Vintage in Bangkok



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Save Me the Waltz

I would like somebody to lock me up in a spiritual chastity belt.

Save Me the waltz

Title: Save Me the Waltz
Author: Zelda Fitzgerald
First Published: 1932
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.62)
I would recommend this book to: Anyone curious about the Fitzgeralds
The Beginning: ‘Those girls,’ people said, ‘they think they can do anything and get away with it.’

I had been looking very much forward to this one. I adore Scott Fitzgerald’s writing and was curious to read the novel written by his wife (and editor). I know it’s unfair to compare them, but it’s difficult not to. Would Zelda’s writing and story telling skills live up to Scott’s? The answer (for me) is no. I found the writing messy and unfocused, nothing like Scott’s amazing way with words. There were a few one-liners that made me smile, but nothing really impressive.

I’m much too proud to care – pride keeps me from feeling half the things I ought to feel.

The story, though, is quite amazing. Let’s face it, the Fitzgeralds are an interesting couple. But I made the huge mistake to read Zelda’s novel so soon after reading a novel about her (Z: A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald). These two books are practically the same. The same plot, the same characters, the same scenes. Only, in Zelda’s own novel, the names are changed, and the husband is a painter instead of a writer. And our heroine doesn’t end up in a mental institution like Zelda did. That was a bit disappointing to me – it would have been very interesting to get this part of the story from her own point of view.

I am only really myself when I’m somebody else whom I have endowed with these wonderful qualities from my imagination.

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My latest Knitting Project: Cocoons

Kitted baby Cocoon

Here’s what’s kept my hands busy while listening to Dracula/watching Netflix: two cocoons for my friend’s twins (adorable baby girls). Apparently a cocoon is the latest thing for babies. You can get the pattern for free here. It’s quite easy, but I had some difficulties translating the guide to Danish, as I couldn’t figure out which yarn type to choose and how many stitches I had to add to make up for the yarn type. So I had to start over about three times (the first one I knitted was the size of a hat – i.e. a hat for babies). But I finally got it right (only to mess up the button holes on the first one).

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Currently Reading #4

Currently Reading

This last few weeks, I’ve been more into audio books than physical books. I’ve been very preoccupied with knitting (I’ll show the results soon), and an audio book is my favorite knitting companion. I’m still listening to Dracula with Mr. Boyfriend, but we’ve reached a bit of a standstill. I’ve read it before and really liked the first half, but the second half dragged a bit – and I feel the same way now.

I’ve started an amazing audio book by myself, Kazuo Ishiguro‘s new novel The Buried Giant which as extremely good. The funny thing is that one of my colleagues had started to listen to it simultaneously – we discovered it when we were both about half way through 😀

Now and then I’m also reading Margaret Atwood‘s short story collection Bluebeard’s Egg I got it for Christmas in a Secret Santa game from a fellow Danish book blogger. I’m not much into short stories, but Margaret Atwood can make anything interesting.

What about you, what are you reading? And have you read any of these three books?

currently reading

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