Currently Reading & Wearing: Summer House Edition

edith & ella shoes

I’ve spent the last week in a summer house with Mr. Boyfriend. The weather was brilliant and we did nothing but read books, take naps and prepare food. I left much of the latter to Mr. Boyfriend, though … But I knitted some cute little things, I’ll show you some other time. I wore my Edith & Ella shoes a lot. They are comfy and pregnant-lady friendly.


As for the books: I made it through Murakami’s Underground, which was a scary read on Tokyo’s gas attack in the 90s. After that I needed something light and entertaining, so the choice naturally fell on John Green’s Paper Towns. I enjoyed it a lot, but it left me longing for a different reading experience, something to shake me world a bit. Enter Edith Wharton! She never disappoints (disregarding Ethan Frome) and this little black Penguin edition made my day. I was heart broken that it was so short – I was ready to dive right into Wharton’s universe for a week or so without coming up for air. But all good things come to an end. Luckily I had Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn to lick my wounds. I’ve only read about 20 pages, but it’s very promising! At night, Mr. Boyfriend and I listened to Dracula, which we finished on our last day. Tonight we’ll probably start listening to one of Hemingway’s novels.


I can still squeeze into much of my old summer clothes. This white dress is an old favorite of mine. I have no idea where it’s from, it’s just always been there in my closet. It leaves a lot of space for a giant belly, which has been a good thing lately. I paired it with my somewhat new Banned cardigan which I got at Rockahula and my red Office shoes from London. I’ve got a weakness for light blue compared with bright red.



red shoes

red shoes

What are you currently reading?

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Go Set a Watchman

The time your friends need you is when they’re wrong, Jean Louise. They don’t need you when they’re right.

Go Set a watchman

Go Set a watchman

Title: Go Set a Watchman
Author: Harper Lee
First Published: 2015
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.55)
I would recommend this book to: To Kill a Mockingbird fans – or anyone interested in books on racism.
The Beginning: Since Atlanta, she had looked out the dining-car window with a delight almost physical.

I don’t think I’ve ever had this many mixed feelings about reading a book. Learning that an old sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird was to be released, my first thoughts were ‘Oh no, please don’t ruin it’. These thoughts were quickly replaced by delight: more words by Harper Lee can’t possibly be a bad thing? Then I learned that she had initially refused to publish the book, and that’s when I started feeling bad. I had to read this book, but part of me couldn’t help but feeling like a greedy little reader taking advantage on an old woman. I kept going back and forth between thinking that it was wrong to publish this novel as Harper Lee had originally refused, and thinking ‘why on earth wasn’t this one published years ago???”

I am their blood and bones, I have dug in this ground, this is my home. But I am not their blood, the ground doesn’t care who digs it, I am a stranger at a cocktail party.

So, like many other readers around the world, I felt ambivalent turning the first pages. And I kept feeling ambivalent throughout the book, even though I enjoyed reading it. It was quite a very unusual reading experience. I loved reading about Scout. It was like seeing an old friend you hadn’t talked to in years, and then getting the privilege to see her getting disillusioned and grow up.

Blind, that’s what I am. I never opened my eyes. I never thought to look into people’s hearts, I looked only in their faces.

Like, To Kill a Mockingbird, the novel made many good points on racism. I particularly enjoyed the discussions between Scout and Atticus, and the flashbacks were excellent reading. And yet, something was a bit off. The plot (if you can call it that) seemed more suitable for a short story than a novel. Or perhaps it could have been the frame around ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, making the original story one big flashback in a new special edition? But that might me blasphemy …

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New Books on the Shelf: Lee, Logan, Easton & Yates

book haul

I was really good in July and followed my 1-book-a-week-rule, and now I have 4 lovely books to show for it:

Harper Lee: Go Set a Watchman: I’ve got so many mixed feelings about this one. Naturally I adore To Kill a Mocking Bird, and am worried that this one will ruin it, and I’m worried that the publishers took advantage of Harper Lee. There was nothing else to do than just start reading and try to read it without thinking about its older and wiser sister. I started it a few days ago, and actually quite like it.

Kirsty Logan: The Gracekeepers: I read an amazing review of this one on a Danish book blog (sorry, but I don’t remember which:-/) and decided to buy it right away. It’s got a pretty and dreamy cover, which I can’t wait to hold between my greedy hands when I’ve got more time.

T.S. Easton: An English Boy in New York: The sequel to the adorable must read for knitters, Boys Don’t Knit (in public). I’m trying hard to keep my expectations low …

Richard Yates: Young Hearts Crying: Because I feel a strong desire to read everything by this author.

Have you bought any new books lately?

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Great use for Yarn Leftovers: Baby Socks!


I’ve finally found use for all the yarn leftovers that has piled up over the years: baby socks! They have the perfect size for most of my leftovers, are very easy to knit and take no time at all, so a pair of socks can easily be fitted in between other knitting projects! Another reason to love being pregnant 😉 The yarn used for these socks are leftovers from one of my most difficult (and fun) knitting projects ever.

knitted baby socks

About the pattern: I’ve used this free pattern – but with 28 stitches (for newborn) instead of 40, some larger needles and a different type of yarn – the point was to use what I already had.


I’ve learned a great new trick: Instead of knitting with 5 double pointed needles (which I hate!), I’ve used circular needles. See the technique in this video:

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The Buried Giant

How can old wounds heal while maggots linger so richly?

The Buried Giant

Title: The Buried Giant
Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
First Published: 2015
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.42)
I would recommend this book to: People who enjoyed The Road or anyone who’s looking for a different dystopia.
The Beginning: You should have searched a long time for the sort of winding lane or tranquil meadow for which England later became celebrated.

I had no idea what to expect from this one and was completely blown away. It’s one of those books where you’re not quite sure what’s really going on, but the bits and pieces you can decipher amaze you, break your heart and make you long for more.

With beautiful writing, we follow a sweet and loving couple on a quest for their son. Huge chunks of their memories are lost – which is the case for everybody in this dystopian world. People forget things and no one knows or asks why. As we follow them on their adventure, small glimpses of emotion seem to come back, but the details are missing: the who, what or why are all gone. And maybe it’s for the best?

But then again I wonder if what we feel in our hearts today isn’t like these raindrops still falling on us from the soaked leaves above, even though the sky itself long stopped raining. I’m wondering if without our memories, there’s nothing for it but for our love to fade and die.

It’s one of the most unusual and beautiful stories I’ve read in a long time. From the very beginning, the novel planted an unbearable curiosity within me. I wanted desperately to know what was going on and what had happened to these characters. And the end was both perfect and heart-breaking. One that’ll probably stay with me forever.

I listened to the audio, narrated by David Horovitch, who did an excellent job. He used voices and accents, but never overacted. I got the feeling that he understood the characters and felt with them as he read aloud.

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Mini Bookworm on the way!

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

I have some big news to share today: I’m pregnant! Mr. Boyfriend and I are expecting a baby girl in November, and we’re super excited – can’t wait to meet her! So far (25 weeks) I’ve been lucky and have had a very easy pregnancy with almost no discomforts. I have no idea how it’ll affect the blog, but there will naturally be some changes as my life is changing.

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Today I’m wearing a super comfortable dress from ASOS Maternity – there’s plenty of room to grow in it, which is good. And it’s one of those dresses that’ll still be pretty to wear after pregnancy, so I think it’s a keeper. The shoes are vintage from Bangkok and the bag is also vintage, but from Twenty here in Copenhagen

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

Asos Maternity Dress blue with white collar

vintage shoes and vintage bag

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This Time Last Year: Reading and Shoe Shopping

I never seem to blog much in July – don’t ask me why (it’s not as though we’ve had great weather). SO looking back on July last year, was a quick and easy affair, but there were some precious moments worth looking back on. I found a new favorite cafe for reading after work and during the weekends: Underwood Ink on Nørrebro. It’s never crowded and the atmosphere is perfect for bookworms. And they have good wine and food.


I did some amazing bargains at a Lola Ramona sale, where we celebrated their new shop:


The pair with the yellow bow are one of a kind, and you can see me wearing them here.

lola ramona

Some details from a summer outfit (I’ve got a soft spot for white lace and red shoes):

white lace, red shoes

And some more Lola Ramona:

lola ramona

These pictures make me looong for summer 😀

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Funny Girl

You could get away with anything, it seemed, if you were on the telly.

Funny Girl by Nick Hornby book review

Title: Funny Girl
Author: Nick Hornby
First Published: 2015
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.38)
I would recommend this book to: Readers looking for a light read
The Beginning: She didn’t want to become a beauty queen, but as luck would have it, she was about to become one.

England in the 1960s: small town beauty queen, Barbara Parker, rejects her new title in pursuit of her dream. Desperate to escape small town life, she moves to London in pursuit of a career on television. After a few twists and turns, she succeeds, changes her name to Sophie Straw, and gets the lead in a successful BBC comedy.

The rest of the novel (about 70%) is about the success of Sophie/Barbara and the show, with shallow glimpses of the other characters’ lives. The plot seemed a bit thin to me. It was entertaining with some interesting characters, but something was missing. I kept waiting for something to happen to shake things up a bit, but it never did. There was no real conflict, just descriptions of what happened to the cast over the years.

Something about the writing and the plot seemed off. I don’t think the story and the characters were suited for a novel. I believe the book would have been much more suited as a manuscript for a TV series. It could be a light substitute for Mad Men. Just replace New York with London, and a TV show with an advertising agency. There’s no replacement for Don Draper, though, but that’s a cross we all must bear …

Years later, Tony would discover that writers never felt they belonged anywhere. That was one of the reasons they became writers.

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My New Harry Potter Collection

harry potter complete box

I’ve searched for a new Harry Potter collection for quite a while now, not being able to decide. I already have all the books, but they’re in Danish and are a mix of hardbacks and paperbacks. I finally decided on this pretty and pocket friendly paperback collection from Bloomsbury Publishing PLC. I adore the colorful and dreamy covers.

harry potter complete box

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Looks I Liked in June

I’ve been MIA lately. I’ve spent all my free time with audiobooks and various knitting projects, which I’ll tell you about later. But now it’s about time to take a peek at the looks that inspired me in June:

From Rosa:
Fashion inspiration

From Rya Pie:
Fashion inspiration

From Gracefully Vintage:
Fashion inspiration

From Junebugs and Georgia Peaches:
Fashion inspiration

My favorite is Rosa’s white skirt and Gracefully Vintage’s mint dress. Do you have any favorites?

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