What should I knit next?

Today I need your help. I want to knit something for myself during the Christmas holiday, but I don’t know which project to start. I’ve narrowed it down to these three patterns:

The first one is absolutely gorgeous! But the pattern looks so difficult I got a headache just trying to read it through.

knitting project

I adore this blue knit and desperately want to make it! But the pattern is in English so I’m a bit worried it’ll be too difficult – knitting patterns are difficult enough as it is in Danish! But it says that it’s an easy pattern, so I might give it a try.

knitting project

The last one is another one of Drops designs. It looks a bit goofy, but I can see potential in the pattern – just like the poncho where I just made some alterations (and picked a better color). And the pattern’s in Danish, so that’s a plus.

knitting project

So please help, which one do you think I should knit?

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The Mysteries of Udolpho

The Mysteries of Udolpho

Title: The Mysteries of Udolpho
Author: Ann Radcliffe
First Published: 1794
My Rating: 2 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.36)
I would recommend this book to: Jane Austen fans and anyone interested in Gothic literature. But if you’re allergic to sentimental and melancholic novels, then run as hell!
The Beginning: On the pleasant banks of the Garonne, in the province of Gascony, stood, in the year 1584, the chateau of Monsieur St. Aubert.

If it weren’t for Jane Austen, I would never have dived into The Mysteries of Udolpho. But after reading about some of my favorite heroines being nearly frightened to death by reading this book, I had to see what it was all about.

I was more annoyed than frightened, however. Emily annoyed me almost from the very beginning. She’s such a goody-two shoes, I wanted to slap her. Or at least roll my eyes so hard that … my lashes struck her … or something. Radcliffe goes out of the way to make us sympathize with Emily. Example: Near the beginning when her father announces that they’ve lost all their money, Emily merely reminds him that they still have their good health and is not a bit sorry. Saint Emily shows absolutely no annoyance or regret that their financial security is gone. Because apparently only bad people care about money, and it’s very important that we like Emily and wish her all the best when we have to read about her struggles for 600 pages.

And that’s another thing: this novel is too damned long and I don’t have the patience for it. It could have been merely 300-400 pages. It should be easy – just delete all Emily’s weeping and fainting, and you have a much shorter and more tolerable novel.

A well-informed mind is the best security against the contagion of folly and vice. The vacant mind is ever on the watch for relief, and ready to plunge into error, to escape from the languor of idleness. Store it with ideas, teach it the pleasure of thinking; and the temptations of the world without, will be counteracted by the gratifications derived from the world within.

I read this one as a group read on Goodreads, and someone posted this brilliant link from The Guardian in the discussion thread: A graphic overview of how to tell you’re reading a Gothic novel. One of the clues is that the heroine faints a lot, and our Emily comes out the winner with 10 swoons! Click the pic below to see the article – it’s quite fun!

The Mysteries of Udolpho emily faints 10 times

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A Red Dress

red dress lola ramona

This is the dress I wore for the Christmas party at work a few weeks back. I always forget to get some photos of my party outfits, but this year I managed to get a few snaps. None of them are that good – the quality is poor and there are no pictures showing the entire outfit, head to toe. But I thought it might be fun to show these pics anyway. Here’s what I wore:

Dress: From Baan Suan
Purse: From Rude
Shoes: by Lola Ramona

red dress

red dress

red dress animal head

red dress animal head

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Them or Us

Their lives were empty, but for the hunt and the kill. It was an inescapable paradox: by destroying their enemy they were also removing their own reason to live.

David moody them or us - hater series

horror and bloody nails

Title: Them or Us (Hater #3)
Author: David Moody
First Published: 2011
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3.82)
I would recommend this book to: Anyone who wants to know what it’s like on the dark side.
The Beginning: At the height of the last English summer, the skies turned black as coal and never cleared.

I was a bit disappointed by this one, the third and final instalment of the Hater-series. I loved the first novel so much. It was unlike anything I’d read before and it got a well-deserved spot on my top 5 reads of 2013. The second instalment, Dog Blood, was also quite good, but noting like the first one. Them or Us seemed like an anti-climax to the story. Instead of going out with a bang, it slowly drifted away.

And the sad thing is that the plot had such potential. The world as we know it has come to an end, and Danny, our “hero”, is left with the scraps. Brilliant novels have been written about this, e.g. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road (it’s amazing, read it!). The twist and what makes Them or Us unique is that it’s told from the bad guys’ perspective. I’ve been really excited about this, but was left utterly disappointed. I wish Moody had played more with this concept. Instead Danny has second thoughts about the dark side, and longs for the humanity the world has lost. This wasn’t the way I’d hoped the Hater-series would go, even though I enjoyed some of the descriptions. For example, our psycho-killer protagonist got a new habit of curling up in his sleeping bag to read romance novels:

It’s a trashy thriller-cum-romance novel, and as clichéd as it sounds, this sort of book has become something of a release. They help me to forget where I am and who I am, and what I have to deal with each day. They almost make me feel human again.

Details like that made it all worth while. And don’t get me wrong, the novel is entertaining and a very enjoyable read. But it’s not brilliant like Hater. Now I need to get my hands on the first instalment of Moody’s other series, Autumn.

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I Knitted This!

knitted poncho

Poncho: Drops Design, knitted by yours truly!
Skirt: An old favorite from Monki
Boots: Second hand Samsøe Samsøe from The Good Store

knitted poncho

Today it was finally cold enough to wear this poncho I knitted during the summer. I adore its shape and color and I’ve been sooo looking forward to start wearing it. Today was cold and sunny, and I decided it was time for its debut. It’s a quite easy poncho to knit if you’ve got the hang of basic knitting techniques. Here you can see the project mid-process, where I’d started on the first sleeve:

knitting project

And here’s the pattern! I made a few alterations because I didn’t care for the decorations on the front and back – they look a bit clownish to me. So I just omitted them and did some plain knitting instead.

drops poncho

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Den Lyse side

This blog post is in Danish, as the book I’m reviewing is also in Danish. I’ll be back with a regular post in English soon.

Maren Uthaug den lyse side

Maren Uthaug den lyse side

Maren Uthaug den lyse side

Titel: Den Lyse Side
Forfatter: Maren Uthaug
Udgivelsesår: 2014
Min bedømmelse: 4 af 5 stjerner
Jeg vil anbefale bogen til: Alle, der har 20 minutter til at godt grin og en sjat triste tanker.

Den Lyse Side viste sig at være en vidunderlig lille overraskelse. Jeg havde ingen forventninger til den, men blev opslugt på få sekunder. Jeg skulle egentlig bare lige bladre lidt i den inden jeg satte varer på plads, men den ene side tog den anden og pludselig var der gået 20 minutter og der var ikke flere sider tilbage.

Tegningerne er utroligt søde – jeg er helt vild med tegnestilen. Til at starte med syntes jeg, at fortællingen var lidt flyvsk. Vi roterer rundt mellem følelsen af ensomhed, det at blive voksen og hvordan det er at være mor til tre. Men emnerne passede egentlig meget godt sammen som en status på, hvordan det er at skulle forestille sig at være voksen, ansvarsfuld og have tjek på det hele. Især tankerne om ensomhed rørte mig.

Du har søde børn, skøn mand, du har søde venner, du har læsere på din blog, du har en hund, en kanin og en kat, der hedder Fjæs. Hvordan kan DU være ensom?

Jeg kan heldigvis ikke identificere mig selv med denne følelse af ensomhed. Bortset fra en kort overgang, hvor jeg var i et dårligt forhold, har jeg heldigvis aldrig følt mig ensom. Det må være rædselsfuldt at have det sådan som Maren beskriver i sine tankestreger. Nu kommer den til at lyde meget trist, og der står da også på bagsiden, at den er ‘pisse trist’. Og ja, den er fyldt med triste tanker, men de bliver vævet ind i en ordentlig portion humor og sarkasme.

Jeg er fx helt vild med denne lille gif, der illustrerer, hvor hun sammenligner, hvordan hun har modtaget uventede gæster da hun var i 20’erne, 30’erne og 40’erne. Jeg grinede især, fordi det gik op for mig, at fra da jeg var i 20’erne har modtaget uventede gæster på samme måde som hun gør i 40’erne :-D Uventede gæster er nederen. Med mindre de har rigtig meget slik med.

Hvordan har du det med uventede gæster?

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Looks I Liked in November

I’ve been looking so much forward to this blog post! I finally get to show you which looks inspired me in November. I think there have been some very cute styles with lovely Autumn colors this past month, and I hope you’ll enjoy them. I should say that these looks are only my top 5 – there are many more looks I liked in November. A have a board on Pinterest where I save all the candidates for these posts, and then decide on a top 5 at the end of the month. You can check out the board here – there are already a few candidates for December. But enough talk, here are the looks I liked in November:

From Into the Woods:


From Xocarlyjoy:


From Look At Me BR:


From Red Sonja:


From The Fashion Stir Fry:


Do you have any favorites?

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Three New Books

Books and shoes

I’ve only bought three new books in November – I’m making room for the books I hope to find under the Christmas tree :-) The first one is Michael Cunningham’s most recent novel The Snow Queen. I honestly don’t know what to expect of this one. Cunningham’s early novels, like The Hours and Specimen Days, are among my favorites, but I haven’t cared much for his more recent novels, like By Nightfall. Of Human Bondage is a classic I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Since reading Gigi and The Cat, I’ve wanted to read Colette’s Claudine series. I found the first installment Claudine at School on Amazon – a really smelly edition :-D

Have you read any of these?

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Weekend Thrifting


Yesterday I decided to ignore the nasty cold I’ve been having for the past week, dress up and go thrifting with Mr. Boyfriend. Here’s what I wore:

Top: from Baan Suan (I have no idea what brand it is) in Elmegade
Skirt: Glamorous from Rude
Bag: Cara Camera, Accessorize
Shoes: Irregular Choice


I’d seen a post in a group on facebook (I think it was this one) that a new vintage shop called Karen Copenhagen would open in my hood this weekend, so I decided to check it out.

karen Copenhagen

karen Copenhagen

karen copenhagen

karen copenhagen

It was a beautiful shop with some lovely details and good quality vintage clothes and some new pieces to very reasonable prices. They had many different styles and the clothes was carefully sorted out, making it very easy to look for the style you want. This shop goes on my favorite list. I took this pretty little number home with me – it’ll be perfect for my trip to Thailand in January.

white vintage dress from karen copenhagen

white vintage dress from karen copenhagen

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Why on earth didn’t I buy this jacket?

edith and ella blue biker jacket

edith and ella blue biker jacket

When I went to the Edith & Ella sale a few weeks ago, I tried on this gorgeous jacket in the pics above, but decided against buying it, even though the price was ridiculously low. I reasoned that I have too many jackets for spring and autumn as it is. I thought I was making a very mature and wise decision. Supid stupid stupid! I’ve regretted it ever since and now it’s too late. And it doesn’t help that I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls lately (been in bed with a nasty cold) and they’re wearing jackets very similar to the one I was stupid enough not to buy. They look so good in this style, and I could have had one just like it. I could have walked around in a cool jacket, drinking tons of coffee while talking really fast, always have a good come-back line and make out with Jess. Stupid stupid stupid!!!

gilmore girls jacket

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