Coffee, Cake and Cara Mints

Nothing beats spring and a long weekend! I love this time of year, the energy you get from welcoming the sun back in business and all the lovely bank holidays. I had hoped for some sun yesterday, but that didn’t really happen, so instead of going for a long walk, we stopped by Cafe Gavlen for coffee and cheesecake – yum!


I wore my “new” second hand nighty from Episode in Amsterdam, an old second hand top from Røde Kors, my second hand (surprise!) “new” Joop! bag from Marbles Vintage in Amsterdam and my wonderful Poetic Licence brogues, Fifties Flair. These shoes were such a great purchase!


My boyfriend claimed that these colours didn’t go well together! Whaaat!!! It’s caramel and mint! Cara Mints! The look of such a tasty candy that reminds me of when I was a kid and visited old ladies with great candy. Naturally, I just had to do a pose with the candy. I love how the yellow wall and the mint-coloured sign begged to be included. By the way, wouldn’t it be great if there was a cake inspired by Cara Mints? Perhaps a cheesecake with caramel and just a hint of mint! Sounds like a challenge …


I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures of what I did today – it’s so nice having time to blog AND time to do things I can blog about! Have a lovely Saturday 🙂

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