Knitted Entrelac Pillowcase

knitted pillow case

knitted pillow case

Entrelac knitted pillow case

I finally finished my most ambitious knitting project to date. I’ve been working on this project for months and I thought I would never finish. There are four reasons it took so long: 1) the yarn I chose is really thin, 2) the needles are also quite thin as I wanted the knitting to be very fine and cover the pillow, 3) I switched between three colors which slowed the process and left me with a lot to seam up, and 4) the pattern just takes longer because you constantly have to stop what you’re doing and do something new. But it was a fun if somewhat difficult pattern, which demands a lot of attention. The level is supposed to be ‘Advanced Beginner’ but I don’t agree as I found it very difficult and was tempted to give up for the first few days and just do stripes in stead. I’m glad I stuck to it though, as it gets easier. I’m thinking of doing this pattern for a scarf some day – only I’m not doing multiple colors ever again!

If you want to try for yourself, you can download the pattern for free at – I highly recommend you watch the tutorial below first, it helps a lot.

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  1. I use to knit years ago, now I crochet more. But I decided to try the knitting again and it’s so hard to control the needles and thread, any suggestions?? You are fast and good. Thank you.

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