On my Needles, February 2016



I’m usually a one-project-at-the-time knitter, but this February I just haven’t been able to stick to any project. I started knitting a baby dress with the purple yarn before Edith was born, but the pattern was so complicated that I had to start over and do things a bit differently. Then I decided that Edith needed a pair of mitts, so I put the dress aside and started a simple mitt pattern with the light blue yarn (leftover form another dress). But before I was able to finish, I had to put that project aside as well for yet another project with the dark blue yarn. So far this project is a secret, but I’ll tell you all about it later 🙂

After this, I’ll prioritize finishing the mitts, start a new hat for Edith (her head is getting huge!) and then hopefully finish the purple dress. And then it might be time to knit something nice for myself … and perhaps a blanket for our couch … and another baby dress …

Tonight a friend is coming over for dinner and knitting – I love knitting dates! There’s something about chatting while you knit, and it’s always great to see other people’s projects.

What about you, what’s on your needles?

De glemte bøger

Hver måned udvælger jeg en bog, der fortjener ekstra opmærksomhed.

Tilmeld dig mit nyhedsbrev og find din næste yndlings bog

OBS: projektet starter først til september

Når du tilmelder dig til nyhedsbrevet fra Bookworm’s Closet, giver du samtykke til at vi må sende dig boglige anbefalinger, tilbud mv. Læs hele samtykkeerklæringen.

2 thoughts on “On my Needles, February 2016

  1. All those projects sound exciting! I admire anyone who is able to have one project on the go at any one time, I just have a head full of too many ideas and so start lots and finish very little, I have actually put myself on a ban from casting on anything new until I finish all of the projects I have!

  2. I guess I’ve always been afraid that I’ll never finish if I start something new, but I’ve realised that I actually like having many projects, esp. a mix of easy patterns and more complicated ones.

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