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A Lazy Day on the Grass

a lazy day on the grass

This morning I woke up feeling lazy. Coffee didn’t shake me out of it, so I decided to have a lazy day in the sun with books and cold water (and a cola for Mr. Boyfriend’s hangover). We went to ByOasen (a city-oasis in Copenhagen) where it was nice and quiet. It’s been a long time since I felt this relaxed. I know I say it in almost every posts lately, but summer in Copenhagen can be so wonderful!


I wore an old white lace dress, which I think is from Zara. My shoes are by Lola Ramona and gave me two compliments from strangers on the way! This almost never happens, and then I get two in a day!


We went by the flea market in Guldbergsgade – without buying anything! I’m so proud …


We had lunch at a new café in Ahornsgade – unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the place and they’re not listed anywhere, so I can’t share that with you 🙁 But I had a lovely hummus dish and sneaked in some more reading …


After lunch, we stopped by Mondo Kaos who had a sale. I just had to take a picture of these cool flamingos – can you believe it, I never noticed them before!


After all I didn’t make it without buying something:


Have a nice weekend!

4 thoughts on “A Lazy Day on the Grass

  1. Det ser intet mindre end aldeles perfekt ud; sommerdage er perfekte til dovenskab på græsplænen med spændende bøger mellem hænderne. Hvad synes du om “Pelle Erobreren” indtil videre?

    1. Ja, det var en dejlig dag! Jeg nyder Pelle Erobreren, men den bliver nok ikke en af mine yndlings bøger. Har du læst den?

  2. Skønt med læsning på plænen i sommersolen. Intet mindre end helt perfekt.

    Og din kjole er finere end fin.

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