Embroidered Episode

embroidered dress

I went to a Christening earlier today, and wore one of my favorite dresses: my embroidered vintage dress from Episode in Paris. I remember trying it on for fun but adored it the second I put it on. I love its Swedish midsummer look and the details with the flowers and the buttons.

embroidered vintage dress

Here’s a close-up of the details:
embroidered dress

And my beloved green Hush Puppies:
green hush puppies

I’m exhausted now – drinking wine and socializing on a Sunday can be hard for a bookworm … I think it’s time for some Indian take away and Ben & Jerry’s … Have a nice evening!

2 thoughts on “Embroidered Episode

    1. Tak Rikke – er også virkelig glad for den. Håber en dag at vende tilbage til Paris og gøre flere af den slags fund.

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