Free’p’Star – chaotic vintage

freepstar vintage
My first impression of the vintage shop Free’p’star was chaos, chaos, CHAOS! It was insane. Racks completely packed with vintage clothing, women everywhere and huge bags on the floor. I remember thinking “This is too stressful, let me get out of here!” There was a top floor but I never made it that far – I went up the stairs but couldn’t get any further! The fitting room was really nice, though, done in street style with warm colors, drawings and writing on the wall, drapes that could actually close and more than one peg – when you shop like I do, you need more than one! One or two for the items you’re going to try on, one for rejects and one for keepers.

And now for the shopping … I found these two beautiful scarves:

And these two great dresses (bringing my collection up to an even 50):

I would definitely come back to this store as they had some great items, a lot to choose from and very reasonable prices. I would probably go in the morning instead of the middle of the day to avoid the crowds. And I’m quite curious about the top floor! Now that I’ve left Paris, I’ve discovered that there’s actually three Free’p’star shops in the same neighborhood! And I only visited one! I have to go back …

Here’s my rating, from 1-5 stars:

Selection: 3
Price: 5
Decor: 2 (for the dressing room)

If you like vintage shopping, have nerves of steel, make sure you stop by: Free’p’star, 61 rue de la Verrerie, Paris,

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