David Moody Hater
Title: Hater
Author: David Moody
First Published: 2006
My Rating: 5 of 5 stars (average rating on Goodreads: 3:66)
I would recommend this book to: a must read for Walking Dead fans and anyone who likes a good thrill.

Violent attacks increase drastically. Otherwise normal people suddenly murder their loved ones, their neighbors, or random people in the street. People go insane and kill all of a sudden. It starts with a few incidents. A few days later, it’s thousands. The media names them ‘Haters’. Society breaks down. How can you protect yourself, if you can’t trust the people around you – they may to suddenly change into one of these so-called Haters. How can you protect your children when you might suddenly become a Hater yourself?

Our door’s locked and the windows are shut. We’re both safe and so are the kids. It doesn’t matter about anybody else. Don’t get involved. Whatever’s going on out there, don’t get involved …

This was a horrifying read and a bloody good page-turner that kept me hyperventilating and wondering what was going on from cover to cover. It reminded me a lot of The Walking Dead, but without the zombies. It has the same atmosphere – but in Hater, the danger might come from within.

We experience this apocalyptic horror through the ears and eyes of Danny, a family man stuck in a dead-end job, struggling to make ends meet. And then this thing happens: the Haters appear and change his world.

The writing is nothing special, but the story and characters make up for it. I liked the glimpses of social realism amidst all the horror. I’m really excited by this series!

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