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I’ve had a pretty crappy Easter. I was so looking forward to 5 sunny days with cafés, books, blogging and walks with Mr. Boyfriend. Instead I’ve been sick. All 5 days! After a few days, Mr. Boyfriend got sick as well. I haven’t been outside since Friday. I’ve got a nasty cough, a sore throat and it sounds funny when I talk. And the worst thing is that I haven’t had the energy to read. I couldn’t bear the thought of holding a book, turning the pages and making my eyes and brain do the rest of the work. So I’ve just been lying on the couch watching series and sleeping.

Today, however, I woke up with a bit more energy. I felt that with the right book, today might be the day that I started reading again. The only problem was that the book I was currently reading wasn’t the right book for this. Although interesting and well-written, Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man just isn’t the type of book I can read when I feel like shit and have zero energy. I needed something to sweep me off my feet, something romantic and dreamy, but without being cheesy. Something like Jane Austen, but a story I didn’t know already. Something light and easy, but not stupid. Enter Dodie Smith’s I Capture the Castle. I knew it was right to save this one for a rainy day! Or a sunny day where I’m forced to stay inside.

I’ve only read about 35 pages so far, but I already love it to pieces. It was just what the doctor ordered.

What about you, what are you reading?

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  1. Øv hvor træls med sygdom 🙁
    Jeg overvejer at læse ‘I Capture the Castle’, så jeg glæder mig til at høre, hvad du synes om den.

    Selv er jeg i gang med ‘A Wise Man’s Fear’, som jeg håber på at blive færdig med (eller… næsten færdig med) i denne uge.

  2. Love reading, love fashion and love music. And most of all, love going around cities and villages looking for interesting places. Just today I bought a pair of Lola Ramona shoes. They look beautiful and quirky on pictures. Can’t wait to put them and going out!

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