Pink Suede & Cheesecake

berthels cheesecake

berthels cheesecake

Today after work, I went to Bertels for cheesecake. I had an amazing key lime cheesecake – I’ve got a thing for cakes with citrus. I went with two of my colleagues – one of them has just started a new blog: Sneakers in the City – go check her out, she’s super cool! She’ll mainly blog about life and food in Copenhagen – basically where her sneakers take her. And speaking of shoes, here are my shoes of the day: the pink suede from Edith & Ella. I think these might be my favorites this spring: they are very comfortable, so I can where them to work without any discomfort and I can go for long walks in them. And they’re so pretty and girly! Today I paired them with a vintage skirt from Episode in Paris and some blue tights.

edith and ella pink suede

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