Shelf News – November 2015

book haul

At my last book haul, I made a promise that I’ve actually kept! I vowed to only buy books if there was a new book out by one of my favorite authors. The very next day there was a newsletter from Goodreads and my eyes immediately jumped to the ‘New books by authors you’ve read’-part and spotted two books by authors I adore: A Wild Swan: And Other Tales by Michael Cunningham (author of The Hours) and Number 11 by Jonathan Coe. I ordered both at the Book Depository right away, and now they’re all mine! I was pleasantly surprised my the subtle beauty of both of them – A Wild Swan in particular.

For December my goal is to not buy any books at all, as my reading speed has slowed down a lot since the arrival of Mini Bookworm. But if I find some books under the Christmas tree, it can’t be helped 😉

book haul

2 thoughts on “Shelf News – November 2015

  1. Tillykke med den Mini Bookworm. Jeg håber I alle har det godt efter omstændighederne. Jeg glæder mig til at høre mere om de to flotte bøger du har fået hjem, så jeg kan bestemme om det er nogen der skal på min ønskeliste 😉

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