Two Episodes, One Outfit

vintage dress

Went for a looong walk yesterday. The weather was so nice that a dress with a flowery print seemed perfect. The dress is from Episode in Amsterdam. I remember buying it thinking “If only I had a light pink belt to go with it”. I often think like that when I buy something new, but I almost never find that particular thing that would make the outfit perfect. Imagine my excitement when I actually found a light pink belt in Episode in Paris! And I love the coincidence that both items are from Episode – just in two different cities.


Smelling something funky …

Vintage dress

Discovering some horse droppings …


Couldn’t resist pretending to be in the land of giants when we came by this bench outside of Trip Trap.


This is what I love about Copenhagen: you can find idyllic havens like the one in the picture below. So beautiful!


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