You’re my Playground Love

Mondays should always be sunny bank holidays. After some breakfast, Mr. Boyfriend and I went for a walk in the hood and came by this fun playground. My inner child couldn’t resist having a go …


I sported one of the dresses I bought at Marbles Vintage in Amsterdam and the shoes are my beloved Molly Holly (Lola Ramona) brogues. The title of this post is of course a reference to Air’s Playground Love from the Virgin Suicides soundtrack.


Slightly less elegant …


That moment when you remember your fear of heights:


Some details of the outfit – I love how the dress almost matches the shoelaces!


It’s not a real holiday without a bit of reading. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been having a bit of a book crisis lately, but I think Isherwood finally snapped me out of it!

Marbles Vintage

4 thoughts on “You’re my Playground Love

    1. A Single Man er en af de smukkeste film jeg nogensinde har set! Så flot filmet og man kan mærke Isherwood’s ånd hele vejen igennem!

      Hoppe-billeder er altid et hit 😉

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