This Time Last Year: Autumn coziness

This Time Last Year

One thing I look back on with a tiny pang of envy is how I was able to walk to work this time last year. It was such a relaxing way to start the day: coffee to go and an audio book for about 40 minutes. I loved that tradition. Now my back and feet start to hurt like crazy after walking for a mere 5 minutes. But it’s only a tiny pang of envy. Because another thing I remember from this time last year is being very sad about not being pregnant. Wondering and doubting if it would ever happen. And here I am a year later with a huge belly knitting baby things for a little girl 🙂

This Time Last Year

I can’t imagine being able to ever wear outfits like this again! Right now comfort is my #1 priority. But I do look forward to wearing my favorite foxy shirt again. And the shoes!


The best book I read in September last year was Murakami’s novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki, which I found deeply moving.


In September last year I went to London with a friend for a couple of days. I can’t believe it’s already a year ago! The shoes I got on this trip have become some of my favorites, and I really like the two blue dresses. I’ve actually never worn the yellow dress. I was saving it for Easter, but then I got pregnant and wasn’t ready to tell anyone, and the dress couldn’t hide my belly. Maybe I’ll be able to wear it in a year or so. The bag was fun for a while, but now it has moved on to another home.


And here’s what I was knitting this time last year: My most difficult project to date, the Entrelac Pillowcase. I would love one day to knit a scarf in this pattern – but with larger needles and just one color yarn, otherwise it’s too much work.

This Time Last Year

De glemte bøger

Hver måned udvælger jeg en bog, der fortjener ekstra opmærksomhed.

Tilmeld dig mit nyhedsbrev og find din næste yndlings bog

OBS: projektet starter først til september

Når du tilmelder dig til nyhedsbrevet fra Bookworm’s Closet, giver du samtykke til at vi må sende dig boglige anbefalinger, tilbud mv. Læs hele samtykkeerklæringen.

4 thoughts on “This Time Last Year: Autumn coziness

  1. Åh, sikke et fint efterårstilbageblik. Og en fin måde at mindes på, hvor hurtigt tingene forandres. Stort tillykke med din graviditet – det er så fantastisk for dig/jer 🙂

  2. Nej – hvor er det hyggeligt at læse, kære bogorm 🙂 Tillykke med det – der findes ikke noget mere hyggeligt end babystrik 🙂 Og du skal nok få faconen tilbage – og så kan du gå de lange ture med barnevognen 🙂

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