Abuse of the Bookshelf

bag on bookshelf

Yesterday mr. Boyfriend was in charge of emptying our cats’ litter box. When I got home from work I found this: A bag of cat-poop on my beautiful book shelf!!! He just left it there and went to work! The horror! Why would someone place bag of cat poop in the bookshelves in the first place??? Now I can’t help thinking about how many times there’s been a bag of poop on my bookshelves … We’ve lived together for 6 years – that’s a lot of cat poop …

8 thoughts on “Abuse of the Bookshelf

    • Hehe – jeg kunne nok også selv have fundet på at glemme den et sted – men ville ALDRIG sætte en pose bæ i bogreolen 😀

  1. Kom til at læse videre i din blog, og så denne om cat-poop – har du stadig kæresten? he he
    Virkelig sjovt – men det var det nok ikke for dig 😉

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