Au revoir!

Guess who’s off to Paris in a few hours? ME! I’ve never been to Paris and I’m very excited! I’m looking forward to the beautiful city, the wine, food, vintage shops, markets, the architecture and a whole week with no one but me and Mr. Boyfriend! Wilcox, however, tried to join us by sneaking into my suitcase …

Naturally there won’t be any blog updates for the next week or so. But if you can’t wait, I will post some of my pictures on Instagram along the way – you can follow me here: Asides from the pictures from my blog, you can also see some detail-pics from my apartment and some pictures of my cats (I just can’t help myself). I’ve posted my latest Instagram-pics below to give you a taste – enjoy!

Apartment detail: The cup in the picture below is actually a candlestick that I’m now using as a holder for some of my necklaces.

I’ve bought 3 new bottles of nail polish last week:

When I was hungover, I took a nap with my cat:

Apartment detail: one of my many frames with fashion pictures:

I visited some friends, and their daughter decided my shoes were perfect for her toys:

Another apartment-detail picture: I love this little ballerina! I inherited her from Mr. Boyfriend’s grandmother.

My cat Wilcox watching my friends and I watching Eurovision:

Wilcox – again – with my feet dressed in Lola Ramona (my feet, not Wilcox)

See you in a week – or keep in touch on Instagram! Au revoir!

6 thoughts on “Au revoir!

  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip, Gitte….Paris is such a lovely place to visit….especially in the sprin.
    I’ll never forget my first visit, I loved every minute I was there…..enjoy yourself.

    1. Thank you Susan! We had a lovely time – even though we never got a taste of the spring weather! It was really cold rainy!

  2. Skønne billeder. Og åh, din kat er så sød.

    Hav en fantastisk tur til Paris; byernes by, Europas hjerte. Jeg elsker den by. Den er fuldstændig magisk, gennemført stemningsfyldt og så komplet anderledes fra alt det, man er vant til.

  3. Paris er en af de smukkeste byer, jeg selv har besøgt, og jeg smådrømmer om at bo der i en periode en gang. Byen er intet mindre end fantastisk, og jeg tvivler stærkt på, at du vil blive skuffet. Nyd den!

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