Lola and Twenty


Somehow I had failed to notice that there was a Lola Ramona sale today – I noticed it by accident just 20 minutes before it started! But I made it and enjoyed it immensely! They didn’t have any of the shoes from the new collection that I’ve been drooling over for the past months, but I found these super cool orange suede boots:


I went with a colleague – we had planned this shopping date for ages and a Lola Ramona sale was just a nice addition. I wanted to show her the great shops in Elmegade, and thought I was strong enough to go without buying something for myself. I should know better! One visit to Twenty and I had three great items to take home with me!

I got this beautiful cardigan:


A cute sailor dress:


And a pair of shoes:


Sometimes I’m shocked by my own shopping-capabilities …

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