Under My Tree

There were some lovely presents for me under the tree this year. I got this amazing stack of books:


A cleanser and a body scrub:


A beautiful necklace:


In the Danish book-blog-world, we’ve had this fun Secret Santa game. All participants made a list of books we love and books we’d like to read. I was Secret Santa for Ida at Tanker om Sprog – you can see what I gave her here. My Secret Santa was Kathrine from Bøger på Tværs and she got me this lovely collection of Atwood stories – the perfect present for me! I also got some candy and a beautiful card wishing me a merry Christmas! It’s funny how a perfect stranger can give you a perfect present 🙂


Finally, I have to show you these awesome Ninja Turtles decorations I got for my tree:


We had a fun Christmas Eve yesterday. Now I’m looking forward to a day where I don’t have to do anything but read books, blog and watch Netflix – I’m in desperate need of some time off!

How was your Christmas?

12 thoughts on “Under My Tree

    1. Ja, er også helt vil med mine Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtles 😀
      Jeg regner med en anmeldelse af The Miniaturist i januar – har en fælles-læsnings-aftale på Goodreads.

  1. Ha! I just started The Miniaturist yesterday! So far, I’m liking it quite a bit! Watching the kitten become more and more a part of the household has been the best part of the holiday 🙂

    1. Sounds good, Janey! I’ve heard so many good things about it.
      You’ve got a kitten? So lucky – they’re the best! Mine are about 5 years now, but still act like kittens – esp. the male 😀

    1. Ja, var også helt færdig af grin, da jeg pakkede dem ud! Har en svaghed for Turtle Power 😀

      Ser virkelig frem til The Miniaturist – uden at skrue forventningerne for meget i top 😉

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