Friends and a Flea Market

Met up with some friends today for brunch and a visit to the local flea market in Ravnsborggade. Despite the rain, we managed to have a good time and of course I got some goodies to take home with me. I just adore the pink mixer – it makes me think of the Norwegian cake-blog Passion 4 Baking where the cakes and tools are all in pastels. Now I just have to clean in (or se if I can get Mr. Boyfriend to do it) and see if it actually works …

I got a thing for old boxes …

And this guy’s been there for as long as I can recall!

Have a lovely Sunday out there! I’m going to relax with a book now. I’m currently reading Looking for Alaska, which I’m really enjoying – read half of it in one go yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Friends and a Flea Market

  1. Fantastiske fund du har gjort dig!

    Og “Looking for Alaska” er en af mine yndlingsbøger. John Green skriver så fint.

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