Great shoes and a haircut

Lola Ramona

You know the day will be a good one when you’re wearing excellent shoes, and these red clogs from Lola Ramona made my day! On top of that, I had a haircut after work and love the result.

Aren’t the clogs gorgeous? I’m so in love with them. I bought the top in Tokyo and the leggings are from Pieces.

It’s usually my male cat, Wilcox, who enters the spotlight when I’m snapping my outfit pictures, but today my female cat, Nokia, decided to examine the camera …

Now I’m going to see if Mr. Boyfriend is up for an episode of Twin Peaks. I’m watching it in the right order for the first time ever and I’m addicted!

5 thoughts on “Great shoes and a haircut

  1. Jeez, jeg blev helt forskrækket over det sidste bilede med katten, og så brød jeg ud i latter! Skoene er i øvrigt bedårende!

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