Teeny Tiny Hats

knitted baby hat free pattern

I’ve found another great use for yarn leftovers: baby hats! So tiny and easy to make – and very useful when you’re having a winter baby. The pattern is free and you can find it here: Twenty Something Granny. It’s a very easy pattern. I still managed to slip up, however – I got centimeters and inches confused, so the first hat I knitted (the one to the left) got a bit small. It looks a bit like those small white hats the pope wears …

Anyway, the one to the right is a leftover mix of the baby dress I knitted this summer and the pillow case I knitted a year ago. The one to the left is entirely from the dress, so it’s a perfect match:

knitted baby hat free pattern

As usual, my female cat has to examine my knitting (she did the same with a poncho) – she’s crazy about the smell:

knitted baby hat free pattern

The very beginning:

white yarn

De glemte bøger

Hver måned udvælger jeg en bog, der fortjener ekstra opmærksomhed.

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