Knitted Baby Poncho

knitted baby poncho

Ever since I got pregnant, I been knitting like a maniac. It’s so rewarding knitting these small sizes – a new knitting project usually takes me months to finish, but knit for babies is usually finished within a few weeks – or days. And the patterns are so adorable!

knitted baby poncho

knitted baby poncho

knitted baby poncho

You can get the pattern for free here: Little Peach by DROPS Design. I made a few alterations: I added a tassel at the top, changed the type of yarn to one that doesn’t fluff so much, and a friend advised me to remove the strings at the neck of the poncho. Other than that, it’s a quick and easy pattern. Perfect for an autumn baby!

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Hver måned udvælger jeg en bog, der fortjener ekstra opmærksomhed.

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8 thoughts on “Knitted Baby Poncho

  1. OMG – the baby will look so cute, and it is rewarding – both the knitting and knowing that you made this your own way. Kitty looks jealous, best make a kitty-poncho as well 😉

  2. It’s so sweet….I’m going to look at the pattern…perhaps I’ll knit it for my new Granddaughter….you’ve inspired me….

  3. Thanks Carla! I couldn’t resist the pattern – so cute! And my cats love yarn, so it’s difficult to keep them away from my projects 😀

  4. Haha – I can’t imagine what would happen if tried squeezing my cat into a poncho 😀

  5. Let me know how it goes if you decide to knit it, Susan! It’s rather quick, only took me about a week 🙂

  6. Hey I’m attempting to make this for my little girl who’s 14 months but can’t work out what wool I need to use to get the sizing right, what type of wool did you use? Iv worked out 8mm circular needles and I need 350g of wool but it just says Eskimo wool not DK or 4ply? 🙂 yours looks super cute, and love the tassle added to the top 🙂

    Thanks X

  7. Hi Maddy,
    I think I used this type of wool:

    But it might be an idea to just choose the type of yarn you prefer for your girl, do a gauge, and based on that, choose the size. The pattern is from size 1 month – years, so you should be able to find the right size. That’s what I usually do – I want to use my favorite yarn, not what the pattern tells me to 😉

    Good luck!

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