The Downside of Fall


A few days ago I went on and on about the beauty of Fall and how ready I was for this change in the weather. The very next day, I was down with a cold and that’s pretty much how I’ve spent my weekend *sigh* I’m really pathetic when I’m ill … I feel so bad for myself and I think I’m never going to get well – no bravery here! Mr. Boyfriend has been taking care of me, preparing food, going to the pharmacy, fetching this and that and making orange juice.

I took the picture above in my parents’ garden – beautiful, right? This nasty cold won’t make me forget how much I love Fall – it’ll just remind me that nothing’s perfect (apart from freshly squeezed orange juice).


2 thoughts on “The Downside of Fall

  1. Hope you feel better soon, Gitte…I’ve been suffering a cold myself for the last few days….I agree that it’s miserable…
    I love your lovely autumn photograph….I have exactly the same shrub in my garden and it’s beautiful at this time of year.

    1. Thank you, Susan – I’m feeling much better. It’s crazy how almost everybody has to go through at least one cold during autumn!

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