April Wrap-Up

Books and baby

In April I read: 4 books: One e-book (‘The Post-birthday World’), two audio books (The Bell Jar and ‘North and South’), and one physical book (‘Mariana’).

Best read: That would be Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. But it was a reread so it doesn’t really count. So the best read will be ‘Mariana’ by Monica Dickens. which proved to be an adorable little surprise.

Most disappointing read: ‘The Post-birthday World’ – a good idea poorly conducted.

Longest book ‘North and South’ (531 pages / 20 hrs 8 mins)

Books bought: Zero – I’d rather spend my limited me-time reading than buying books.

Reading challenge status: I’m 9 books ahead of schedule! Those long walks with the pram are brilliant 😀

reading challenge

Books and baby


Did you read any good books in April?

8 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. I really enjoy your wrap-ups, especially seeing Edith Olenska growing each month. She is a pearl.
    I haven´t thought of doing monthly wrap-ups, but it does make sense to wrap it all up, and in your case with a spot on photo. Your books for April looks good too.

    1. Oh, you should definitely do it, Anja – it’s a lot of fun looking back, summing up, thinking about what you’ve read.

  2. Was Juliet Stevenson the narrator of North and South? I listened to that one, and I liked it (I would listen to Juliet Stevenson read the dictionary), but I feel like Gaskell doesn’t quite have Jane Austen’s sense of humor, and I missed that.

    1. No, it was narrated by Charlton Griffin – but I’ll have to check Juliet Stevenson out! And I agree with you on Gaskell!

  3. Hvad syntes du om nord og syd? Jeg læste bøgerne dengang i midt 90’erne da vi gik i 8.-9. Klasse og et par år inden havde svælget i serien. Jeg husker dem som ok, men ikke nogen jeg siden har følt trang til at læse igen.

    1. Den var OK. Men er det ikke John Jakes serie du mener? Den jeg har læst er af Elisabeth Gaskell, og der er kun én bog.

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