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I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately, and I’ve decided to reintroduce Danish to the blog. When I first started the blog, it felt natural to write in English, as I’ve got an MA in English and about 95% of the books I read are in English. But lately I’ve missed writing in Danish and have been toying with the idea.

What’s been holding me back, is that about 60% of my readers don’t speak Danish. But this blog has always been about what I wanted to write and how I wanted to write it, so Danish it is. But don’t fret – there’ll still be a lot of English on the blog:

  • Each post will have an English recap
  • Each book review will also be available in English as I’m an active reviewer on Goodreads
  • Knitting patterns will almost always be available for free in English

So I won’t stop writing in English as such – it’s more a question of adding Danish to the blog.

On top of that, I’m toying with making further changes to the blog. I feel it desperately needs a redesign, an About-Me + Contact page. And I would like to make it more personal. I’ve had rather personal posts before and enjoyed the comments and feedback I got. Furthermore, Mr. Boyfriend has agreed to write a little mini-review of each audio book we listen to together, so you’ll get the opinion of both of us.

I hope you guys are OK with these changes and won’t hit the horrible ‘un-follow’ button 😀

De glemte bøger

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4 thoughts on “Now in Danish

  1. Sounds like you have wonderful plans, I am all for it! It is your blog so it should always be about what makes you happy! xx

  2. Thanks Wendy! I feel it’s important to stay passionate about blogging – it should never be a duty. I’m glad you’re not scared away with the changes 🙂

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