Foxy Vintage


On 82 Cheshire Street (near Brick Lane) in London, there’s a lovely little shop called Found.Loved. It’s a mix of gorgeous vintage and some new designs. I bought some beautiful vintage pearls and a new foxy shirt – hint: it’s the one I’m wearing in the pictures. I love this shirt, it’s so special! I’ve worn it twice by now, and it’s been getting a great deal of comments – including the obligatory What-does-the-fox-say-jokes.

Shirt: Found.Loved, London (new)
Skirt: Twenty, Copenhagen (vintage)
Coat: Beyond Retro, London (vintage)
Bag: Omaya, Paris (vintage)
Shoes: Top Shop, London (new)


Here’s a clear shot of the shirt – sorry about the pouting, had the sun in my eyes:

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