Nørrebro Vintage


Went for a very short walk with Mr. Boyfriend today. Even though it was sunny, it was freakin cold and windy. We quickly snapped these pics and got some coffee to warm us. And a cookie, just for fun. Btw, the best cookies in Copenhagen are IMO to be found at Riccos. In case you were wondering.


The outfit I’m wearing today is almost 100 % second hand from Nørrebro:

Dress: Second hand from Fremtiden
Shoes: Second hand from Twenty Concept Store
Bag: Second hand from Twenty Concept Store
Shades: second hand from Mamie Vintage in Paris

I say “almost 100 % second hand from Nørrebro”, as I don’t remember where I got the belt. The cardigan is from Mondo Kaos and the socks are from Muji.


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