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cafe paludan
As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my May projects was to find the perfect place to read. About a month ago, I visited The Living Room, which came pretty close to becoming a favorite. It was atmospheric and comfy, and their mint tea was to die for! But there were three things that made me continue my quest for the perfect reading cafe. One, which can’t be helped, is the location: the center of Copenhagen, which I’m not that fond of because it’s so crowded. Two, it’s a very large café which makes it a little less relaxing. Three, the food was really bad.

So the quest went on. One of my readers (thanks again Anka!) recommended Café Paludan, part book store, part cafe. A few weeks ago, I decided to stop by after work to check it out. I was immediately mesmerized by the numerous shelves with old books covering the walls. It was so beautiful! But as I sat down and started to read, I felt something was off, I wasn’t as relaxed as I usually am when I read. In spite of all the beautiful books, it turned out it wasn’t quite the reading sanctuary I had hoped for. The place was too big, too noisy and too crowded with people who weren’t really there for the books. It seemed the books were merely decoration, I couldn’t really sense the passion for reading anywhere – neither in the other customers nor the staff. The food, however, was VERY delicious!

My quest continues then. I really want to find the perfect sanctuary (aside from my apartment) where I can relax with a book and a cup of coffee. I love having this hour off after work.


De glemte bøger

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4 thoughts on “Reading at Paludan

  1. You’re welcome! 🙂
    I really liked this place but I have bit of the same problem as you had – apparently, the books are not meant for reading which astonishes me. When I was sitting there, I actually noticed that one of the shelves has sign “Do not touch the books” or something in this sence. Very dissapointing. But maybe, they will come to their sences.

    At least the smoothies are super good! 🙂

  2. Åh ja, der gik jeg forbi her den anden dag, og det ser virkelig så fint og stemningsfuldt ud. Desværre kunne jeg nok heller ikke umiddelbart forestille mig at læse der 🙂

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