I Knitted This!

knitted poncho

Poncho: Drops Design, knitted by yours truly!
Skirt: An old favorite from Monki
Boots: Second hand Samsøe Samsøe from The Good Store

knitted poncho

Today it was finally cold enough to wear this poncho I knitted during the summer. I adore its shape and color and I’ve been sooo looking forward to start wearing it. Today was cold and sunny, and I decided it was time for its debut. It’s a quite easy poncho to knit if you’ve got the hang of basic knitting techniques. Here you can see the project mid-process, where I’d started on the first sleeve:

knitting project

And here’s the pattern! I made a few alterations because I didn’t care for the decorations on the front and back – they look a bit clownish to me. So I just omitted them and did some plain knitting instead.

drops poncho

De glemte bøger

Hver måned udvælger jeg en bog, der fortjener ekstra opmærksomhed.

Tilmeld dig mit nyhedsbrev og find din næste yndlings bog

OBS: projektet starter først til september

Når du tilmelder dig til nyhedsbrevet fra Bookworm’s Closet, giver du samtykke til at vi må sende dig boglige anbefalinger, tilbud mv. Læs hele samtykkeerklæringen.

17 thoughts on “I Knitted This!

  1. Tak Charlotte!
    Du skulle overveje at lære det – der er intet så hyggeligt som at strikke mens man hører lydbøger! Eller ser Gilmore Girls 😉

  2. I love this poncho- my main issue with that type of clothing is it hides your waist, but in this case it accentuates it. Really neat idea!
    ~Litha Nelle

  3. Wow you’re so talented!! I once knitted a scarf… and then I forgot how I even did it haha
    But seriously, this is beautiful! I like it so much better than the original one from the pattern 😀

    Lipstick and Mocha

  4. Så smukke billeder! Og hvor er det altså en smuk kreation med den poncho. Gid jeg var ligeså fingernem 🙂

  5. Hello Litha,
    I feel the same way about ponchos – they rarely work, but when they do, it’s amazing!

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