Three New Books

Books and shoes

I’ve only bought three new books in November – I’m making room for the books I hope to find under the Christmas tree 🙂 The first one is Michael Cunningham’s most recent novel The Snow Queen. I honestly don’t know what to expect of this one. Cunningham’s early novels, like The Hours and Specimen Days, are among my favorites, but I haven’t cared much for his more recent novels, like By Nightfall. Of Human Bondage is a classic I’ve wanted to read for a long time. Since reading Gigi and The Cat, I’ve wanted to read Colette’s Claudine series. I found the first installment Claudine at School on Amazon – a really smelly edition 😀

Have you read any of these?

6 thoughts on “Three New Books

  1. The Hours is one of the most brilliant novels I’ve read, Ms. Woolf, I’m sure is very honored to have her styled so beautifully mimicked and elaborated. By Nightfall seems a bit self-indulgent to me, no new ground was broken. As for Specimen Days, it’s been on my shelf for so long, unread, still brand-new from being bought second-hand.

    P.S. Love your red party dress 🙂

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